Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I think one of the first times I googled "Moldova", the result was Playing the Moldovans at Tennis, the 2002 book by British author Tony Hawks, where he bets with a friend he can beat all eleven members of the Moldovan soccer team at tennis. The book is based on a real story, experienced by Tony.

I never read the book or heard about it until recently, when I found out it was made into a movie, starring the very Tony Hawks as himself. It is a very nice film, with a lot of heart. If you ever been to Moldova, you'll especially enjoy it seeing Chisinau and Orheiul Vechi again. To me, it was a delight to embark on Tony's journey and re-experience the country.

If you've never been to Moldova, here's a glimpse of it from a foreigner's perspective.

But I would be really curious to know what Moldovans think of the film.

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis is available for free streaming, with English, Russian or Romanian subtitles, on Tony's website. Check it out:

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