Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amazing short film by the master Ettore Scola

"1943-1997", by Ettore Scola.


EG said...

First I like to introduce my self
My name is Eyal Guy
I live in Israel
This days I am searching for my heritage 
I know that my grandmother was born in Floresti Moldova.
Here name was Bella Kalimuck.
My question is how can I get information about her family (parents and brothers)
Is there any  institution (Jewish community) in Floresti which I can contact to?


Eyal Guy

Cassio Tolpolar said...

Dear Eyal,

Thank you for your message. I don't think there is any Jewish institution in Floresti. Most of the Jewish community is now in Chisinau, and you can contact them and even a researcher to help you. If you need more assistance, please send me your e-mail.

Thank you,
Cassio Tolpolar

Ely said...

Hi Casio,

My name is Elena I read your post about Tony Hawks book Playing the Moldovan at tennis, I am actually one of the characters he wrote in the book - the daughter of Grigorii and Diana.

Tony is donating the proceedings the movie to the day care center that my parents found and which is helping for free severely disabled Moldovan children If you are interested in finding more about Tony, our story and our center feel free to contact me.

Wishing you all the best in your research with the Mamaliga Blues Project.

Kind regards,

Cassio Tolpolar said...

Thank you for the message Elena, and congratulations for this initiative. I'll check the website you sent me.

All the best,