Sunday, December 1, 2013


This is not exactly about Moldova, genealogy or History, but about impressions on imigrating to a "new" country. These are my first impressions when I moved back to Brazil coming from Los Angeles, a month ago:

1) I'm now certain Kafka lived in Brazil.
2) Burocrats here love paper, pity on the Brazilian trees.
3) Things are much smaller. Like in Europe.
4) Service is cheaper, products are MUCH more expensive, food can be cheaper too.
5) Medical doctors can hug and kiss you.
6) People are less formal, but not as polite. And smoking is popular, even if you’re pregnant.
7) English language is more practical than Portuguese, whatever that means.
8) I still don’t know when it’s going to rain. And neither does the forecast.
9) J-walking is the law.
10) Happy to have plenty of affordable sparkling water back in my life.

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