Saturday, August 14, 2010


Beginning on January 2009, about 6 months after our trip to Moldova, I started to receive occasional e-mails from a certain Pavel Tuev, up to this day. The only thing was that all e-mails are written in Russian, but with help of some people, I was able to find out that the main subject was grave restoration in Moldova.

It made sense, after our guide Natasha discovered the partially destroyed grave of my great-grandparents in Vadul Rascov. Restoration was something that never occurred to me, until I started to get e-mails from Pavel.

The first e-mail was a list of services and prices. The following ones were just happy holidays’ e-mails, until the last one, which was an update on their services. Unfortunately my understanding of written Russian is zero, so I’m not able here to describe it here in detail. However, they have a website:

Who knows, maybe in the near future I will be able to go back and besides visit this grave, make an attempt to restore it to its past.

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Daniel Nucinkis said...

Hi Cassio,
I left a comment on an older page, the one about the NY Nusinkis visit. Since then I've read more, especially about your connections to Jedinetz, where my grandfather came from, and would really like to get in touch.
Best wishes,
Daniel Nucinkis