Friday, May 28, 2010


When my wife Lara told me she was pregnant, I immediately got 2 books from the library: Pregnancy for Dummies and Economics for Dummies. Besides the usual concern for a healthy pregnancy and how we’d be able to support a little one, I was exhilarated.

I have to admit I don’t know exactly how many Tolpolars, direct relatives or not, are out there in the world, but it can’t be many. I’m happy to add it up.

Our baby is due August 29, it’s a little girl and part of the future of the Tolpolars, the continuation of our family and surname. Things like that may seem dumb, but were always in my mind, since I was little. I felt responsible for keeping the family moving on, to kind of honor the struggle of my relatives for survival and searching for a new way of life in the New World.

Now this responsibility became real.

Next: Who is Jankel Tolpolar? (a visit to the library)


FABIO said...

Cassio! Aqui é o fabio barata (milman), neto da prima da sua avó (amália). hehe. fizemos uns dois semestres de psico together... como vc vai? sua irmã ainda está em bsb?


nenhum vestígio dos milman por soroki?

Cassio Tolpolar said...

Oi Fabio! Tudo bem por aqui, valeu! A Kerley esta morando em Pittsburgh.

Nao ficamos tempo suficiente em Soroca pra saber.


FABIO said...

tá muito legal esse blog :)


abraços pros teus,

obs. fábio, o chato: vc sabe de onde exatamente os kreitchman vieram? achei que sua vó fosse milman, mas meu pai disse que ela era prima da minha por parte dos kreitchman.

Cassio Tolpolar said...

Valeu, Fabio!

Nao sabemos direito, mas achamos que vieram de Odessa, na Ucrania.